What causes your Android phone to overheat and how you can fix it?

Are you having a problem with your Android phone or tablet overheating? If so, don’t worry; it’s a very common problem. Before you have to resort to sending your device into a phone repair shop, check out our simple fixes

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Simple ways to back up your Android device

Have you got yourself a new Android device and you want to know how to back it up so you don’t lose any of your important data or the photos you took of your last (and best ever) night out?

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My apps don’t install and my Android phone keeps freezing. What should I do?

There’s nothing more annoying than finding a great app and then discovering that it won’t install properly, or that it will install but then your phone freezes. If this has happened to you, don’t worry; here’s a few things for

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What repairs are included under my mobile phone warranty?

When you buy a new phone it will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, which means that the manufacturer will guarantee to repair your phone if something goes wrong with it, provided that it wasn’t your fault of course. That’s

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My Android Smartphone will not switch on. What should I do?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you reach for your Android smartphone and it just doesn’t respond at all, and you’re faced with a frozen or totally black screen? If so, don’t panic. There are some simple

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What to do if you think your Samsung Galaxy Note is water damaged

Have you dropped your prized smartphone into some kind of liquid? If you’ve managed to drop your Samsung Galaxy Note down the loo, into your pint or, for some strange reason, you’ve taken it swimming with you (don’t laugh, it

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Having trouble with your battery not holding charge? Bring it to our mobile repair shop in Preston

Are you experiencing battery problems with your Android phone? If so, you’re probably thinking that you’ve got a duff battery or that it’s your charger that’s at fault. Of course, any one of these could be the reason, but there’s

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Need help with syncing an old Android to a new Android device?

So you’ve just bought a brand new Android phone and you can’t wait to use it, but you’re a little bit worried about transferring all your old stuff over to your new phone. That’s totally understandable. While some people love

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Are you sick of your Android device freezing?

Here at the Phone Repair Centre, we’re well accustomed to solving problems with Android phones, whatever they may be. Based on our findings, one of the most annoying and common problems that our customers have to deal with is a

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Q & A: I sat on my phone and it is now displaying a crack inside the phone. I don’t have any insurance, so what are my options?

If you’ve ever heard that sickening crack as you’ve sat down, and then suddenly remembered that your precious phone was in your back pocket, then you don’t need us to tell you how devastating a cracked phone can be. While

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