Experiencing battery problems with your Android device?

If you’re experiencing battery problems with your Android device, it’s natural to assume that it’s either a duff battery or the charger that’s at fault. However, while this could be the reason, and you do need a replacement battery or charger, there may be a much simpler reason.

Here at the Phone Repair Centre in Preston, we’ve years of experience in solving all kinds of issues with chargers and batteries for Android devices, but here’s a couple of things you can check before you bring it for our attention.

  • Try removing the battery and re-inserting it

Sometimes the metallic surfaces inside the phone aren’t making a good enough contact, so simply taking the battery out and re-installing it can solve the problem.

  • Try a different cable for your charger

Over time cables can become damaged. To see if you’ve got a faulty cable, try a different one and see whether it makes a difference.

  • Replace the battery

Of course, batteries don’t last forever, although they should last at least a couple of years with normal use. We stock a whole range of batteries for Android devices at the Phone Repair Centre in Preston, so why not call in and see us?

  • Don’t forget different chargers charge at different rates

Your phone or tablet will charge much quicker via a wall socket than via a PC or laptop, with some fast chargers being able to charge five times faster than USB ports.

  • Remember to close down apps when you’re charging your device

If your device is trying to cope with you Skyping or playing games while it’s charging, it will take forever. Try turning your phone or tablet off completely when charging and give it a power nap!

If you’ve tried all these tips and your phone battery is still causing you problems, just bring it into our phone repair shop in Preston. We stock a great range of Android batteries at a great price and, should your phone need repairing, you’ll find we carry out most phone repairs the same day. So if you’re experiencing battery problems with your Android device, bring it to the Phone Repair Centre in Preston.