What causes your Android phone to overheat and how you can fix it?

Are you having a problem with your Android phone or tablet overheating? If so, don’t worry; it’s a very common problem. Before you have to resort to sending your device into a phone repair shop, check out our simple fixes which will go a long way to stop the heat before it gets too much.

Why does my Android phone or tablet overheat?

  • Its size – most phones and tablets are relatively small in size
  • Its composition – many phones are made of plastic or metal components
  • Lack of ventilation – due to lack of space and the type of materials used
  • Installing and keeping open too many apps, video games and other stuff (hands up if you’re guilty)
  • Excessive gaming
  • Continuous browsing
  • Old batteries

How can I fix these issues?

Luckily, there are some very easy fixes for stopping your Android device from overheating.

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend playing games. Probably easier said than done, but try to keep to a set period and then give your poor device a rest.
  • For the same reason, browsing for long periods of time should also be avoided.
  • Disable unwanted options and applications on your phone.
  • If your battery is old, replace it and always make sure that it’s the correct battery for your device.
  • Try installing an app that will manage other apps and prevent your phone from overheating by acting as a power management tool. It will also enable the device to use the battery more efficiently.

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