Are Microsoft Lumia 535 touchscreen issues driving you crazy?

For those of you who may have missed the news last year, Microsoft officially acquired the Nokia handset division in 2014, which is why the Nokia Lumia ranges of smartphones are now known as Microsoft Lumia smartphones. The Lumia smartphone range has long been one of the best-selling budget varieties of smartphones and the Lumia 535 was one of the first smartphones released under the new branding in 2014.

The Lumia 535 has a lot going for it, and for those who are on the hunt for a quality smartphone but need it to be budget friendly too, it has proved a very popular device. With a 5-inch display and even a 5MP inward facing “selfie” camera, it offers decent bang for its buck.

It’s a fairly sturdy smartphone and you can always swap out the shell for a different one if a) you drop it or b) you just get sick of the gaudy orange shade of the original shell. It has proved a very popular choice for students as it offers 8GB of internal memory plus an SD card slot for the extra storage of photos, apps and music. The colourful build and Windows 8.1 operating system make the device ever so appealing to the eye, which is always a bonus.

Lumia 535 Touchscreen Issues

Despite the device flying off the shelves into the hands of millions of eager and budget conscious smartphone consumers, it wasn’t long until a major flaw in the device arose. Many Lumia 535 owners soon complained of several issues with the touchscreen of the device.

Some users found that the device confused up and down swipes with left and right swipes. Others found that any form of moisture on the screen – be it from entering a warm home after being outdoors or dampness from the rain – tended to cause the touchscreen to be activated. In addition, some users found that the zoom functionality tended to be compromised unless their fingers were a certain distance apart. Our team at the Phone Repair Centre in Preston even had some complaints that the text editing functionality was skipping.

How do I fix touchscreen issues with my Lumia 535?

Thankfully, after a wave of complaints, Microsoft issued a software update in early 2015. This firmware patch update has so far worked to resolve touchscreen issues for the majority of users. If you’re cautious about updating the firmware on your Lumia 535 device, the team here at the Phone Repair Centre in Preston can install the update for you. If you’re one of the many users who still experience touchscreen issues after the firmware patch update has been installed, our team can take a look at your device to try and identify any other potential problems.

The solution may be something as simple as the need for a screen protector or the need to uninstall “buggy” apps. However big the problem may seem, don’t get bogged down by any touchscreen issues with your Lumia 535. With some expert help, your device can be back up and running as smoothly as it should be, leaving you free to enjoy all of the great functionality that the Lumia 535 has to offer.