Are your apps causing your Samsung phone to constantly freeze?

If you’re having problems with apps freezing your Samsung phone, you’ll know just how annoying it can be. However, before you throw your phone against the wall in frustration, why not try these tips first?

  1. Update the software on your Samsung phone

If you’re finding that your phone is freezing regularly, it’s worth updating your software. This is just a simple case of finding the Apps tab, going into ‘settings’, then ‘software update’ and finally ‘update’. Note that these steps may vary slightly according to the model of your phone. If this doesn’t do the trick and you’re still experiencing problems with your Samsung phone freezing, our expert phone repair technicians at Preston Phone Repair Centre will be able to help.

  • Not all apps are made equal

Remember, some apps are better than others, and you may find that other users are experiencing the same problems as you with a particular app. It’s always worth checking out the reviews and comments before installing any app on your phone.

  • It might be down to a simple memory glitch

Most, if not all, phones suffer from memory glitches from time to time, so if it’s a while since your Samsung phone was restarted, try switching it off and rebooting. This often clears the problem. If it doesn’t, simply enter the Apps menu, ‘manage applications’, find the app that keeps crashing, then ‘clear data and clear cache’. Once again, if this doesn’t work, you might want to contact one of our experts at Preston Phone Repair Centre.

  • Not enough memory?

There may not be enough memory on your device to allow the app to run freely. If you think this may be the problem, go through your apps and uninstall the ones you don’t use anymore to free up some memory. Deleting media files or transferring them to some other form of storage can help too.

  • Your external SD card has become corrupted

Try taking the external SD out of your phone to see if the performance of your phone improves. If it does, you may want to consider reformatting your SD card, but remember to back up any important data first.

  • Factory reset

If all else fails, then your phone may require a factory reset. You can either do this yourself, or if you’d prefer to have it done by an expert, bring it to the Phone Repair Centre in Preston. We’ll sort your errant phone out in a jiffy and get it behaving beautifully once again.