Having trouble with your battery not holding charge? Bring it to our mobile repair shop in Preston

Are you experiencing battery problems with your Android phone? If so, you’re probably thinking that you’ve got a duff battery or that it’s your charger that’s at fault. Of course, any one of these could be the reason, but there’s also a whole host of other reasons why your battery doesn’t hold a charge. So, before you hit eBay and invest in a new battery or charger, there are a few things you can check to see why your battery is on the blink:

  • Try taking the battery out and then putting it back in

What might appear to be a useless battery is often simply the lack of a good enough contact on the metal surfaces within the phone. This can be solved easily by just removing the battery, blowing over the contacts, and then putting it back in.

  • Be aware that different chargers charge at different rates

Sometimes it’s just down to the method of charging. Your device will charge much more quickly if you plug it into a wall socket than into your PC. In fact, some fast chargers are up to five times quicker than using a USB port.

  • Try a different cable or charger

Constant charging can cause damage to the cable, especially if you just shove your charger in a drawer when you’ve finished. The simple answer is to borrow another charger and see if that makes any difference.

  • Close down apps when you’re charging your device

We know it’s tempting to carry on playing games while you’re trying to charge your phone, but all that will do is simply increase the time it takes for your battery to regain full power. Instead of hanging onto your phone while it charges, go and make a cup of tea, do that assignment, or simply get out in the fresh air for some exercise. Your battery will thank you for it.

  1. Replace the battery

Of course, it could be that the battery needs replacing. While they should last a couple of years with normal use, if you’re prone to leaving apps open and running down your battery, it may just have run out of steam. You’ll find batteries for every type of phone at the Phone Repair Centre in Preston, so why not call in and see us? There’s no waiting for your new battery to arrive in the post.

If you’ve tried all of the above and your battery still won’t play by the rules, simply drop into our phone repair shop in Preston. We not only stock a great range of batteries at an equally great price, but we can check out your phone to see if there really is a problem. If your phone is in need of repair, we carry out most phone repairs the same day, so you needn’t be without your precious phone for longer than is absolutely necessary.