LG G4 – Having Touchscreen Issues?

LG’s flagship smartphone of 2015 is the LG G4 and it has hit the ground running with some pretty strong reviews all round, scoring 4 out of 5 with techradar.com, 8 out of 10 with cnet.com, 9.5 out of 10 with engadget.com and 4.5 out of 5 with knowyourmobile.com.

What was one of the most anticipated smartphones launched in 2015, the G4 has been flying off the shelves. With a wicked 5.5 inch QHD display, a slightly curved construction, 16MP camera and 8MP inward camera (perfect for selfies!), 3GB of RAM, removable battery, micro SD card slot and a quick charge battery, the team here at the Phone Repair Centre in Preston are pretty impressed with the device. LG are finally making major progress in rivalling the Samsung Galaxy handsets in the ever so crowded android market.

Initial issues with the LG G4 rear their head

While there is certainly a load to shout about with the LG G4, already problems have been arising with the handset, primarily touchscreen issues. We’ve had quite a few users calling into our Phone Repair Centre in Preston reporting a lag in between touchscreen motions, particularly as they try to go from one large scale app like Viber to another such as Facebook or Whatsapp. The issues arise when the touchscreen fails to detect input or misses out on some screen taps. It would appear that these users are not alone and that touchscreen bugs have already reared their ugly head for many new owners of the LG G4 smartphone!

How can I fix these LG G4 touchscreen issues?

After widespread complaints about the LG G4 touchscreen issues, LG have finally responded with the release of an update to the LG Keyboard via LG Apps. Downloading this update has resolved the touchscreen issue for a lot of users; however it appears that not all of the touchscreen issues that users were experiencing were down to issues with the LG keyboard.

Hence, after downloading the new app update, the issues were still present for many device owners and as you can imagine, there are some pretty frustrated LG G4 users about as a result!

What our team at the Phone Repair Centre in Preston has found is that there are a couple of things that may be affecting the device and causing it to play up. We’ve examined quite a few LG G4 smartphones now in relation to touchscreen issues, and the cause of the issues varied from the need to update GPU rendering settings and app bugs to the need to update firmware as well as some screen protectors causing problems.

Don’t chuck your phone out the window just yet!

Have you been experiencing touchscreen issues with your LG G4 device? Have you downloaded the LG app update but to no avail? Before you go sending the device back to the manufacturer, messing about with developer settings, wiping the device clean or even chucking the thing out the window, call in to the Phone Repair Centre in Preston. We’ll check for all the most likely roots of the issue and hopefully we’ll be able to get your G4 touchscreen operating as quickly as possible.