Q & A: I sat on my phone and it is now displaying a crack inside the phone. I don’t have any insurance, so what are my options?

If you’ve ever heard that sickening crack as you’ve sat down, and then suddenly remembered that your precious phone was in your back pocket, then you don’t need us to tell you how devastating a cracked phone can be. While it is perfectly possible for your phone to function with a cracked screen, if the crack is actually inside the phone and now it seems that some functions are not responding, you need professional help to get it fixed.

Of course, if you’re a forward thinker, you’ve probably taken out insurance for your phone to cover situations like this. After all, we know that while your phone is probably one of your most important possessions, we bet that after those first few initial weeks of euphoria after getting your new phone, it’s now treated with familiarity. In fact, we suspect that sometimes it’s not looked after very well at all, and accidents will happen! So in cases like this, your insurance company will take care of the repair.

However, if you don’t have insurance, then it’s down to you to find a reliable phone repair company and that’s where the Phone Repair Centre in Preston comes in. We’re not only professional, reliable and affordable, but we’ve years of experience in fixing all kinds of problems, including cracked screens and cracked phones, so we’ll be able to repair your phone for you.

Simply drop into our phone repair shop in Preston or, if you’re unable to get to us, we can pick it up from you (and drop it back off again) as long as you live in the Preston area. Alternatively, send it to us in the post! We’ve covered all options so that you can get your damaged phone to us in the way that suits you best, so that we can assess the damage and plan the repair as quickly as possible.

Of course, we’ll keep you informed about the level of damage, whether it can be fixed, and most importantly of all, how much it will cost. But rest assured, most phones can be repaired within 24 hours, so you’ll have your device back in your possession and all ready to go in no time at all. Plus, we’ll even give you a six month warranty on our repair – just make sure you don’t sit on it again!