What Repairs are included under my Mobile Phone Warranty?

When you buy a new phone it will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, which means that the manufacturer will guarantee to repair your phone if something goes wrong with it, provided that it wasn’t your fault of course. That’s why it’s important to know what is and what isn’t covered and how long the warranty lasts, especially when you’ve spent a lot of money on your new device.

How long does a mobile phone warranty last for?

The majority of the big names in the mobile phone industry offer a 1-2 year manufacturer’s warranty. However, it’s important to note that while the phone itself will carry that warranty, consumable items such as the charger, battery and the headset will carry a much shorter warranty of approximately six months. As mentioned, the time periods for warranties can vary depending on the make and model of a smartphone so be sure to check with your manufacturer to find out if you’re covered.

My phone is under warranty but what is covered for exactly?

To put it very simple, your warranty will cover the device if it breaks down or becomes damaged through no fault of your own. Each manufacturer will vary depending on the specifics of their contracts, which is even more of a reason to know the details of it inside out.

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